Free Plugins

This page shows a list of all freely availabe OpenFlipper plugins. If you have feature requests please use the bugtracking system or send us an e-mail.

Most of the plugins on this page are included if you check out the latest free branch of OpenFlipper or download the Windows or Mac binaries.

Some of the plugins are marked as staging. These plugins are not finished yet or need more polishing. Nevertheless, they are already usable. If you want to get these plugins as well, take one of the staging daily builds.

There are different categories of Plugins:

General Plugins (14) Basic functionality
File Plugins (9) Importers and exporters
DataType Plugins (9) Providing the basic datatypes
Post Processors (11) Special post processing of the rendered images
Rendering Plugins (9) Plugins used for rendering in OpenFlipper
Mesh Processing (11) Algorithms to manipulate meshes
Skeletal Animation (3) Dealing with skeletons and animations
Surface Reconstruction (1) Reconstruction of surfaces from point clouds

DataType Plugins

Type B-Spline Curve

This plugin adds a B-Spline Curve object type to OpenFlipper.

Type B-Spline Surface

This plugin adds a B-Spline Surface object type to OpenFlipper.

Type Camera

Datatype to visualize cameras. It uses the camera settings such as projection matrix and modelview zu visualize a camera in the scene.

Type Coordinate Systems

Simple data type for displaying coordinate systems. It provides a coordinate system at a given position and orientation. The type contains rendering routines and of course picking functionality.

Type Plane

This plugin adds a simple Plane object type to OpenFlipper.

Type Polygonal Mesh

This plugin integrates a polygonal mesh type based on OpenMesh into OpenFlipper. The facets in this type can have arbitrary valence (including triangles).

The type also provides efficient rendering.

Type Skeleton

Datatype plugin for skeletons. The datatype contains all functions to handle and render skeletons. The skeleton is implemented as a tree structure. It is possible to attach additional information to the primmitives.

Furthermore animation data can be attached and is controlled via the Skeletal Animation plugin. This way, skeletal animations can be directly visualized. Advanced plugins can use this information to deform meshes and create surface animations.

Type Sphere

This plugin adds a simple Sphere object type to OpenFlipper.

Type Triangle Mesh

This plugin integrates a triangular mesh type based on OpenMesh into OpenFlipper. It is only usable for strictly triangular meshes (non-triangular facets will be automatically triangulated when added to the datastructure).

This type is the basis for various OpenFlipper mesh processing plugins and also provides fast and efficient rendering.

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